The Grain Basket



  1. double 3d storage,division of multiple regions.make full use of every space.
  2. Upper standard with rice box and sealed tank, storage of dry grain
  3. The bottom layer is oversized,  store commonly used items at one stop.
  4. Equipped  with anti-fouling pad easy to clean and drain.
  5. The main frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy with advanced fluorocarbon spraying process to ensure  high  hardness  scratch resistance .acid  and  alkali  resistance and stainless.making the product durable .
  6. The border use imported germicide compact boards.provide long-term and lasting.antibacterial effect and care for the health of the family members.
  7. The bottom plate use zero formaldehyde waterproof mould-proof and no peculiar smell boards healthy and environmentally friendly.

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