Anti-static HPL


Anti-static HPL(Computer Room Access Flooring system Using HPL tiles)

This selection of HPL is invented for the most demanded product which is the offspring of 20th century computer technology – anti-static access flooring. Static is not welcomed in the computer room for it would destroy electronic components. As the surface top of access flooring, it needs to meet the constraints of such peculiar environment.Because of adopting nano-tenology in resin, Our anti-static HPL becomes to be reality that anti-static floor should be used where permanent static dissipation properties are required.It is

recommended for access flooring systems where cleanliness, ease of maintenance and long wear is of major concern. Anti-static laminate is recommended for control of static electricity and should be used where electric apparatus is sensitive to site electricity. Potential applications are clean rooms, hospital intensive care and computer rooms, or areas where a clean and dust free environment is critical.They comply with requirement for low static generation and retention, coupled with a washable surface requiring no waxing.HPL tiles must be bonded to substrates such as aluminum castings, fabricated steel or aluminum sections to provide the rigidity and load-bearing requirements of access flooring installations.


Surface Finish:   Standard Textured (A low sheen, matte finish)

Properties: Meets or exceeds NEMA

Size Availability: 610x610mm(24"x24"), 1220x2440mm(4‘x8‘)

Thickness: 0.8mm-3mm

Colors: winter gray matrix, beige starlite, greige matrix, Solid color, wooden grain.

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