Wall cladding system


Wall cladding system is the best choice for Modern buildings presume to be fashionable,durable and easy to maintain.with such need and the development of interior decoration technology,wall cladding system in the last 20 years, it has been widely used in Europe.these years,some domestic public architectures are decorated with wall cladding and appreciated by more and more designers and customers.the material of wall cladding system consists of phenolic resin wall panels and its surface can match hardware accessories.wall panels can be fixed on bricks or several kinds of walls or be fixed on two sides of mental frames.


Features of wall cladding system:

  1. wide choice of colors
  2. Environment friendly and healthy
  3. Resistant to scratches
  4.  Easy  to clean
  5. Fire proof and fire resistant
  6. Anti-corrosion
  7. Resistant to mould and moisture
  8. To be easy disassembled and maintained

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